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What Makes it a Special Edition?

Closed Special Edition Box of Chocolate

• Special Editions are limited-time offerings of 48-piece gift boxes that highlight unique product combinations that are not normally available together, may never be repeated, and are only available online for the limited time that they are offered.

• Each product will come with a letter explaining how and why the contents were combined with background information about the sourcing of ingredients and processes used to make the chocolate.

• Special Editions are an online only offer, and cannot be purchased in person. In order to pick it up at the retail store, place your order online and select factory pickup.

Current Special Edition


The inaugural Special Edition contains four of our most popular chocolates, 65% Dark Chocolate Blood Orange, 65% Dark Chocolate Mango, 65% Dark Chocolate Guava, and 65% Dark Chocolate OMG.

Learn about how OMGwas developed and how each component tastes separately and together in the letter that comes with this Special Edition. This letter is personally written by Gunars Valkirs, CEO and Owner.