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Baking & Snacking Drops – Bulk Bag

65% Dark Chocolate

Our semi-sweet 65% dark chocolate is made from heirloom cacao cultivated on a single estate in the Esmeraldas province of Ecuador. This chocolate is made in European style with ample cocoa butter and a silky texture.

Tasting notes: clean rich base cocoa, subtle fruit and floral aromas, no bitterness, and a clean lingering finish. 

Our Dark Chocolate is vegan, gluten free, and Kosher Parve.

60% Dark Milk Chocolate

Our dark milk chocolate is made with a relatively high cocoa content combined with artisanal roller-dried milk powder to provide a classic creamy character layered with notes of caramel.

Tasting notes: soft cocoa, cream, caramel, with only a light sweetness. 

Our Dark Milk Chocolate is gluten free and Kosher Dairy

*Each bag is filled with small 1/10 gram tempered drops – ideal for baking, snacking, and everything in between. Our large 1kg bag includes free shipping.