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Dad Hat Duo

This combination of our adjustable Ku'ia Hat and your choice of a 6/25g Chocolate Bar Gift Box makes the perfect thank you gift! Choose from three gift box options:

Dark Milk Assorted:
2 Dark Milk Chocolate Bars
1 Dark Milk Blood Orange Bar
1 Dark Milk Maui Mokka® Coffee Bar
1 Dark Milk Lemongrass Bar
1 Dark Milk Peppermint

Dark & Dark Milk Coffee Lovers:
3 Dark Maui Mokka® Coffee Bars
3 Dark Milk Maui Mokka® Coffee Bars

Dark & Dark Milk Mix:
3 Dark Bars
3 Dark Milk Bars

Each comes with either a green or white Ku'ia hat. It is an unstructured "dad hat" style with an adjustable back. One size fits all.