78 Ulupono Street — Lahaina Maui Hawaii

Dark & Dark Milk - Assorted - 48/5g-Piece Gift Box

Can't decide between silky Dark Chocolate or the creamy Dark Milk Chocolate? Why not try both! Two incredible Made in Maui options in one beautiful 48 piece gift box will allow you to experience a balance of flavors to include the following...

8 Dark Chocolate, 4 Dark Blood Orange, 4 Dark Lemongrass, 4 Dark Peppermint, 4 Dark Coffee

8 Dark Milk Chocolate, 4 Dark Milk Blood Orange, 4 Dark Milk Lemongrass, 4 Dark Milk Peppermint, 4 Dark Milk Coffee

No need to wait for a special occasion...every day is worth celebrating!

Our Dark and Dark Milk Chocolate are both gluten free. Our Dark Chocolate is vegan.