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HLCF Maui Tropical Trio Gift Box (Dark Milk)

Maui Tropical Trio 27 Piece Gift Box 

Our much anticipated Maui Tropical Trio Gift Box includes a limited assortment of 60% dark milk chocolate infused with Maui Mango, Maui Guava, and Maui Calamansi. There are nine pieces of each flavor included in this gift box, for a total of twenty-seven pieces.

This trio represents three local fruit natural flavors each providing a unique complement to our 60% Classic Dark Milk Chocolate. The Maui Mango is made from Mapulehu mangos grown on our Lahaina farm.  The guava and the Calamansi are hand-picked by our CEO from wild guava near his home and from Calamansi grown at his home In Kapalua.  All three infuse the flavors of these fruits at their peak of ripeness into our chocolate.

Our dark milk chocolate is always Made in Maui, Kosher Dairy Certified and free of preservatives and additives, including gluten, soy, and eggs.