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World Origins Gift Tower (Optional Helicopter)

Experience flavors from around the world through the World Origins Gift Tower. This gift set features every flavor and origin of Maui Ku'ia Chocolate. This includes our 2020 Limited Releases... plus the option to add on an epic helicopter tour.


18/5g-Piece Gift Box, 78% Cacao, Costa Esmeraldas, Ecuador, 2020 Limited Release
18/5g-Piece Gift Box, 70% Cacao, Wild Amazon, Brazil, 2020 Limited Release
18/5g-Piece Gift Box, 70% Cacao, Grown & Made in Maui, 2020 Limited Release
18/5g-Piece Gift Box, All Dark 
48/5g-Piece Gift Box, Dark & Dark Milk Assorted Flavors



Everything included in the World Origins Gift Tower PLUS A Doors-Off Helicopter Tour of West Maui & East Moloka'i


Looking for an unforgettable experience? We've partnered with Hawai'i's first door-off helicopter company Windward Aviation to provide an incredible adventure. 



  • Papalaua & Honokohau falls - the tallest waterfalls on Molokai & Maui, respectively
  • Mokuho’oniki - elephant island
  • Molokai’s North Shore - the tallest sea cliffs in the world & the deepest valleys of  the island
  • Mokapu Island - 29 species still found here & nowhere else in the world
  • Huelo Island - home of the rare Loulu palms
  • Molokai’s South Shore - witness the most developed coral reefs of the 8 main Hawaiian island
  • Keawanui Fish Pond - one of 60 ancient Hawaiian sustainable fish ponds to line the south shore of Molokai built 700-800 years ago.

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Price: $350/ per person*

The vibrant hues of the ocean will pop as we cross the Pailolo channel to Molokai, which is 900 feet deep and 9 miles wide. Upon arriving at the North Shore of Molokai you’ll witness an island that was formed 1.8 million years ago. The valleys and waterfalls streaming down the tallest sea cliffs in the world were formed when the entire north shore of Molokai slid into the ocean approximately 1.4 million years ago creating a tsunami with wave heights of up to 2,000 feet!

The rivers on the north shore of Molokai are free flowing meaning they have never been interrupted by man. This special place is only accessible by helicopter and boats in the summer months. In this region, there is an abundance of marine life and rare native Hawaiian ecosystems that have been preserved and protected by various conservation groups that Windward Aviation has supported for 30 years and continues to do so today. Windward Aviation is currently working with the Department of Forestry & Wildlife to continue building a fence that will ensure the protection of the East Molokai Watershed from invasive plants and animals.


* Priced per person, and does not guarantee a private tour. Each helicopter tour holds four people, in addition to the pilot. For more information about additional guests or private charters, contact Windward Aviation directly.