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The Best Chocolate Torte Recipe

by Ashley Cooper September 14, 2020

The Best Chocolate Torte Recipe-Maui Kuʻia Estate Chocolate

I have always been obsessed with intense, dark flourless chocolate I am very pleased to be able to share this delicious dark chocolate torte recipe with you. 

This recipe is something that I altered from the Food Network. It is really simple, but it does require a hand-held mixer. But it is worth it, because it is so yummy! Your friends and family will be thoroughly impressed with this recipe, trust me. 



1.5 sticks of butter
1-1.5 cups of Ku'ia dark chocolate
6 eggs
1/4 cup sugar
pinch of kosher salt



1. Preheat oven to 350 and butter a 9in round pan (or springform pan)

2. Combine butter and chocolate in a double boiler and stir constantly until fully melted and combined. This can also be done in the microwave, but just microwave it for 10 seconds at a time and mix in between each interval.

3. Combine eggs, sugar, and salt in a large mixing bowl and beat with mixer on medium high until pale and thick, about 5-8 min

4. Gently fold the chocolate/butter mixture into the eggs/sugar/salt mixture

5. Pour batter into pan and bake until the top is no longer shiny and barely jiggles, between 35-45 minutes. Transfer to rack to cool. 


Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper


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