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How Does it Work?


Subscribe to our chocolate of the month box and get delicious curated chocolate each month. Sign up by the 15th of the month to get the current month's box!


Once you're signed up, chocolate will be delivered right to your doorstep each month. Ku'ia Club members get access to exclusive new flavors selected by our CEO and VP of Operations!


Open your chocolate of the month box and enjoy the curated, limited edition chocolate. If you love a certain's month box, you can always login and purchase more. Let us know your favorites!

What's Included in My Membership?

• Monthly shipment of curated chocolate

• Exclusive access to newly released craft chocolate

• 15% discount* off any additional chocolate purchases - both in store and online!

• Monthly writings and musings from our CEO Dr. Gunars Valkirs or VP of Operations Dan O'Doherty 


How Ku'ia Club Works

Each month, you will receive a new shipment containing newly released Ku'ia Chocolate. We look forward to sharing special flavors, single origin chocolate, and more with you.

After your initial purchase, each monthly subscription box will be processed on the first of the month. If you purchased your first box before the 15th of this month, you will receive this month's box. If you have purchased your first box after the 15th of the month, you will receive next month's box.

Yes! You can subscribe to the Ku'ia Club with your credit card information and input the recipient's shipping information. If you would like the recipient to also have access to Ku'ia Club information online, you will need to input their email address instead of yours.

Subscription Management

1. Sign into your account

2. Click "Manage Subscriptions"

3. Click "See All Upcoming orders"

4. Select the order you would like to edit (this may only be available for your closest upcoming order)

5. Scroll to the bottom and click on the existing address at the bottom

6. The shipping information will populate on the right of the screen-- just change the information and save it

* If you would like to temporarily change the shipping address for
one of your orders, just use the same process but make sure to change it back to your normal shipping address after your order processes on the first of the month. This is great to use if you will on a trip when your order is supposed to arrive or if you'd like to send one of your
monthly boxes to a friend, etc.

You have the ability to skip any of your upcoming orders. Once successfully skipped, your subscription will resume as usual.

1. Sign into your account

2. Click "Manage Subscriptions"

3. Click "See All Upcoming Orders"

4. Select the order you would like to skip

5. Click on the displayed order date

6. A calendar will populate on the right side of the screen– click "skip this order" underneath the calendar

7. The page will refresh and you will need to again confirm by clicking "skip this order"

8. After loading, it will confirm that your next order will be skipped

Whether you want to add a new item to your subscription order
as a one-time purchase or a reoccurring addition to your subscription, it can be easily done through your customer profile.

1. Sign in to your account

2. Click on "Manage Subscriptions"

3. Click the "Subscriptions" tab

4. Click "Add a Product"

5. Search or select the product you would like to add

6. Specify the quantity, whether it will be a one-time purchase or subscription item, the variant flavor, shipping address, and the
first shipment date

7. Scroll to the bottom and click "add product"

Ku'ia Club Member Testimonials

When I asked what was next for the club after the so aptly titled O.M.G. I was told we were getting the first of the 2020 harvest and was given a verbal swoon worthy preview which inspired mega anticipation. I must say that preview was pluperfect correct. The depth and complexity of the flavors is a direction I hope will continue into the future. Hip, hip hooray!!!

Paul Janes-Brown

Ku'ia Club Member

Previous Months

Not sure what to expect? Here are some of our past Ku'ia Club offerings!