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Alcohol bottles and chocolate squares




We are so excited to announce that The Chocolate Bar is now open! Gunars and the team have carefully curated a Wine, Spirits and Beer list and four Flights of Chocolate and Beverage Pairings to share with everyone.

Pairing beverages with chocolate adds a whole new dimension of discovery and enjoyment to the tasting experience. Come try for yourself! We have some classic pairings, (eg, ports and reds) and others that are more unexpected (eg, sake and tequila). Between our list of beverages and 24 different types/flavors of chocolate, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

The Chocolate Bar & Pavilion Rules:

Our pavilion is divided into two sections: the over 21 area where we will offer liquor service and the non-consumption area. In order to sit in the 21 and over section, you must have a valid photo ID with you proving that you are at least 21 years of age. On days we are open after 5pm, the pavilion is 21+ only.

*Please note, we cannot allow BYOB due to licensing limitations. We apologize for the inconvenience.

*We are cashless, but we accept all major credit cards and phone pay

How to Taste Beverages and Chocolate

Swirl: Swirl your coffee, wine or beer in the glass to release the aromas.

Sip: Take a small sip of your beverage.

Savor: Allow your palate savor the sip, swirling the wine on the palate or allowing the spirit to warm your tongue before swallowing.

Taste the Chocolate: Seconds after the beverage is gone while the finish still lingers, break up the chocolate in your mouth into smaller pieces.

Melt: Allow the chocolate to melt on your tongue, allowing the finish of the beverage to interact with the flavor and texture of the chocolate


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