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Orange Mango Guava Dark Chocolate Bulk Bag

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An incredible flavor combination, our orange mango guava (OMG) chocolate is a creation by our founder and CEO, Dr. Gunars Valkirs. Fruit flavors combine with deep cocoa in our 65% dark chocolate bulk bag. Inside the canvas bag, you'll find 50 napolitains - small, individually wrapped tablets of chocolate that are traditionally served with a cup of coffee.

Fun fact: OMG was the first ever offering for our Chocolate of the Month Ku’ia Club and became an official flavor in January 2022!

Why You'll Love It:
• With a 50 piece bag, you can enjoy immediately or savor over time.
• Individually wrapped chocolate squares are easily shareable - share the taste of paradise!
• It gives back - 100% of our net profits are donated to local Maui non-profits.

• 50 pieces total in a canvas bag
• 65% dark OMG
• Soy, nut, and gluten free
• Vegan and Kosher Parve
• Made on Maui

Costa Esmeraldas Cacao

Our semi-sweet 65% dark chocolate is made from heirloom cacao cultivated on an award-winning single-origin estate, Costa Esmeraldas, in the Esmeraldas Province of Ecuador. The Costa Esmeraldas origin beans have strong classic cocoa notes, making them a perfect base to infuse with any flavor.

Tasting notes: clean rich base cocoa, subtle fruit and floral aromas, no bitterness, and a clean lingering finish.

OMG Chocolate

The flavor evolution here begins with blood orange. Infused as an oil and absorbed directly into the cocoa butter, the blood orange is immediately available to your taste receptors and even sense of smell. The local Mapulehu mango and guava are particles that must be broken down to be tasted and cannot be smelled - they follow in the melt along with the cocoa solids. The smaller the particles of cacao and flavor, the smoother the chocolate! Join us on a deliciously smooth flavor evolution with every bite.

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Gives Back

We are committed to donating 100% of net profits back to the Maui community.

Transparent Sourcing

We source from only the highest-caliber cacao producers and we take care to develop relationships with our sources.


Sustainable practices are foundational to who we are as a company.

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Serving Our Community

Founded on the belief that it’s our responsibility or our kuleana to give back to our community, we've made it our mission to donate 100% of our net profits to local Maui charities and nonprofits. In the Hawaiian language, kuleana can be defined as accepting responsibility with understanding and intent. With each purchase, our customers can know they will have a positive impact on the Maui community.

Maui Food Bank food donation drop-off at Maui Ku'ia Estate Chocolate
Aerial view of Maui Ku'ia Estate cacao farm and ocean

Trusted & Transparent Sourcing

All of our chocolate is single-origin - they come from a single
location. We source from only the highest-caliber cacao producers and we take care to develop relationships with our sources.

Sustainability is Our Priority

Part of our kuleana is our responsibility to care for the land we’re on. Sustainable practices are foundational to who we are as a company. Our factory is 100% solar powered by 300 kW of solar panels and a 200 kW standby generator, making it the 2nd largest off-grid commercial facility in Maui. Our goal, between the chocolate factory and the farm, is to have a negative carbon footprint.

Maui Ku'ia Estate cacao farm and West Maui Mountains