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The BEST Chocolate Martini Recipe

by Tessa Yip April 03, 2020

The BEST Chocolate Martini Recipe-Maui Kuʻia Estate Chocolate

We truly believe there is nothing better than delicious chocolate...except, maybe, a delicious chocolate martini. Our CEO Gunars Valkirs personally concocted this simple, yet indulgent, recipe for us to share with you! 

We suggest using our Dark Chocolate Baker's Drops because they melt so quickly on the stove! Of course, you can always use our chocolate bars or pieces instead. Here is the conversion: 

2 oz of chocolate drops = about 10 5g chocolate pieces or 2 25g chocolate bars

Chocolate Martini Recipe


6 oz Liquid of choice (water, milk, cream, non-dairy milk)

2 oz Maui Ku'ia Estate Dark Chocolate Drops

2 oz Ocean Vodka


1. Heat liquid in saucepan and stir frequently until bubbles start to form (if using heavvy cream, thin with 2 oz of water).

2. Add the chocolate all at once and mix thoroughly until melted.

3. Bring the liquid back up to the temperature where it just starts to bubble, remove from heat, and cool slightly before placing it in a container for storage in a refrigerator. This can be stored for up to 1 week.

4. After the chocolate mixture is cold, add 2 oz of vodka, mix thoroughly and serve.

After trying our 65% Dark Chocolate, we encourage you to experiment with Peppermint, Maui Coffee, or Blood Orange!

Don't forget to tag us on social media in your martini photos!

The Maui Ku'ia Estate Chocolate Team

Tessa Yip
Tessa Yip


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