A Special Thanks from Maui Ku`ia Estate Chocolate

Jenny Greene

Posted on November 22 2018

Aloha and welcome back to the blog!

This week we would like to take the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving by saying Mahalo to everyone that contributes to the excitement, support, and growth of Maui Ku`ia Estate Chocolate!

To our Lahaina Cacao Farm team, we thank you for all of your continued efforts to grow, nurture, and maintain the best environment for our cacao. It is because of your dedication, passion and wealth of knowledge of the cacao and the local environment that we have a thriving healthy cacao farm, especially after the devastating wildfire! Mahalo nui loa to David, Joe, Andy, and Palani.


(Left - Keiki cacao trees. Right - Adult cacao trees with cacao pods)

Cacao Harvest


Mahalo to our Chocolate Maker Nainoa who has been enthusiastically learning his craft and developing his skills in the chocolate making process. To the entire Manoa Chocolate team on Oahu, we would like to say a special thank you for allowing us to lease your facilities and use your equipment for R&D while our Lahaina Chocolate Factory is under construction. 

Dan and Nainoa testing our molds and chocolate making equipment in Milan, Italy on Thanksgiving

We are thankful to John Bews at Maui Builders and his team Mary, Jay, Erik, Jeremy, Sy, Maka, Jason, Isacc, Ashley, and sub-contractors Steve A., Chris H., Mike F., Mike M., and Ryan over at the Lahaina Chocolate Factory. We are delighted with the developments in the construction of the factory and truly appreciate your attention to detail and quality on this project!

Many businesses and individuals have been involved in different areas of the growth and development of Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate, just to list a few: Rick and David (Architecture); Neil, Phil, Linda, Don, Clayton, Snooky, and Mark B. (Engineering); Charlene, Brad, Jenny, and Laura (Communications); Saedene and Zenobia (Branding); Brandon, Dominic, and Rose (Banking); Mio, Karen, and Manfred (Packaging); Derek (Woodwork), Paris and Gary (Kitchen Design); and Shari (Insurance). You have all contributed to the future of this company. We are thankful to all of you!

Finally, we would like to give thanks to our Corporate Partners, and all of you in the community and worldwide who are supporting us. Those subscribing to our newsletter, reading the blog, signing up for the Chocolate Club wait list, following us on social media and sending your support and encouragement.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Gunars, Krishna, Dan, and Riko

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