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Watch to see the company’s CEO and Founder Dr. Gunars Valkirs whip up the simple recipes using his lemongrass chocolate, almond milk, and vodka for the martini.
"MKEC then took it one step further, reaching out not only to its local partners, but also to all community members sheltering in place and in need of aloha."
Not many people have heard about all of the obstacles our budding Farm had to overcome to get to this point of our production.
"Put one of these little squares on your tongue, and let it melt ever so slowly for true bliss."
When the pandemic of COVID-19 began to directly affect our island and state, it became even more important to show up for our community.
We were recently featured in one of our favorite local publications, Maui Nō Ka ‘Oi Magazine
"5 Reasons You Want to Eat Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate"
At every stage, we try to do everything five to 10 percent better than anyone else. When you have all those improvements, all of a sudden you’re twice as good.
Maui’s only farm to bar chocolate factory with 100 per cent of the net profits going to Maui charities.
Not that you really need a reason to try this high-quality, locally crafted chocolate.
"To get the most out of a square of premium chocolate, approach it as you would a fine wine..."